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ENDURANCE®-XL Highway-Rail Grade Crossings
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“Green” Railway Products
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The "Next Generation" . . .
ENDURANCE®-XL is considered LT Resources’ second generation of highway-rail grade crossings.

ENDURANCE®-XL, “The Next Generation of Highway-Rail Grade Crossings”, was introduced in 2008  with the same basic design as the original ENDURANCE® product, but with an improved formulation, making the product approximately seven to eight times stronger than the original ENDURANCE® product.  ENDURANCE®-XL utilizes a proprietary recycled materials formulation and a patented manufacturing technology, resulting in superior performance and extended service life in severe environments. 

ENDURANCE®-XL was considered LT Resources’ first premium crossing surface product by State DOT’s and Class 1 railroads alike.  ENDURANCE®-XL has been readily substituted for concrete and rubber to provide superior performance.  Over 55,000 track feet of ENDURANCE®-XL Highway-Rail Grade Crossings produced between 2008 and 2013 have been installed throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico and continue to perform well.

ENDURANCE®-XL is now produced for use with 90#, 115# and 136# rail with an improved skid resistant design.  ENDURANCE®-XL can be used with or without rubber panel inserts. 

Please contact LT Resources for further information regarding ENDURANCE®-XL Highway-Rail Grade Crossings.  To purchase any of our products, please call or e-mail LT Resources.

ENDURANCE®-XL PLUS Highway-Rail Grade Crossings

ENDURANCE®-XL Highway-Rail Grade Crossings

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